M State’s vision is “A success story for every student.“为了实现这一愿景, 我们必须注意精神上的, emotional and physical concerns of students and respond to those concerns with compassion, 支持与尊重.

While the college has many departments and services that respond to student needs, students sometimes don't ask for help when they need it. To help identify and assist those students in need, M State created a network of college personnel who are committed to a caring and confidential identification, 干预与回应.

这个网络, 叫CARE小组, meets regularly to discuss students exhibiting high-risk behaviors. (CARE stands for Coordination, Assessment, Response and Education.)


  • Assist in protecting the health, safety and welfare of M State students
  • 支持学生成功
  • Provide a comprehensive response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves or the campus environment

的 护理团队 is one of several M State resources available to address student concerns. 其他包括教务长, 辅导员, 大学社工, accessibility resources staff and the 第九条 coordinator.

How can I refer a student to the 护理团队?

To refer a student to the 护理团队, file an 在线咨询 regarding the student that will ask for information regarding the student and a brief narrative of the behavior. If you are concerned about a student but have not witnessed any concerning or disruptive behavior, 请详细说明你的顾虑.  

What happens when a student is referred?

Once the 护理团队 receives a referral, team members will assess the report to identify an action plan that will best serve the student’s needs and individual circumstances. This may include connecting the student with appropriate support services and resources or reaching out to appropriate faculty/staff who may be able to assist with identified supportive measures.  

的 reporting party will be followed up with as needed. For questions regarding the 护理团队, please contact the office of the dean of students at 218.299.6620在营业时间或电子邮件 deanofstudents@cndg88.com.

的 关怀小组转介表格 is a way to identify and initiate outreach and support to students on their behalf.  

A crisis or emergency involving an M State student should be reported to local authorities by dialing 911 and then contacting the Supervisor in Charge for that campus.


At one time or another it’s safe to say everyone feels upset or distressed. 然而, t在这里 are three levels of student distress which, 在一段时间内存在, suggest that the problems are more than the “normal” ones.

  • Changes in academic performance in the classroom
  • Significant drop in examination scores
  • 互动模式的改变
  • 外表的变化
  • Problems concentrating and remembering things or making decisions
  • Repeated requests for special consideration
  • New or regularly occurring behavior which pushes the limits and may interfere with class management or be disruptive to other students, 教职员工
  • Unusual or exaggerated emotional responses
  • Persistent sadness or unexplained crying
  • High levels of irritability or inappropriate excitement
  • 高度干扰行为
  • 愤怒的爆发
  • 不能清楚地沟通
  • Irrational conversation or speech that seems disconnected
  • Loss of contact with reality (seeing/hearing things that are not t在这里, beliefs or actions at odds with reality)
  • Suspicious, irrational feelings of persecution
  • Statements related to death or dying or feelings of hopelessness
  • Threats of harming self or harming others

注意:  Any time you feel t在这里 is an imminent threat of harm to self or others, 请拨打911寻求帮助.

Responses to 一级 and Two behaviors

  • Talk to student in private when you both have time
  • Express your concern in non-judgmental terms
  • Listen to the student and repeat the gist of what the student is saying
  • Identify options available to the student
  • Clarify the costs and benefits of each option for handling the problem from the student’s point of view
  • 尊重学生的价值体系
  • Ask if the student is considering suicide/self-harm
  • Make appropriate referrals if necessary
  • Make sure the student understands what action is necessary and make plans to follow up with the student on this action


  • 保持冷静
  • Stay with the student or find someone to stay with the student if possible
  • Call 911 (or have someone else call 911) if t在这里 is an immediate risk of harm to self or others. 否则接触:
    • 州参赞
    • 校园铅接触
    • 教务长         


When a student makes any reference to suicide, 自杀威胁, 或者企图自杀, a  judgment should be made by a mental health professional about the seriousness of a possible suicidal thought or behavior. Suicide attempts are first and foremost a medical emergency. If danger or suicidal behavior appears imminent: 1) stay calm and 2) dial 911 for assistance.

全国预防自杀生命线 is a 24-hour service that provides 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources. 拨打1.800.273.8255呼叫生命线.

To save a life, remember QPR (问题, 说服, 请参考)

  • 问题 关于自杀的人
  • 说服 需要帮助的人
  • 请参考 帮助/援助


向CARE团队提交转诊 在这里.